PR - 2016112405 - Yoswit reinvents smart home technology solutions with Bluetooth

Smart home technology is a relatively new area but it’s a sector that’s growing rapidly and the latest innovation from experts Yoswit could make it even more accessible. The company is bringing its skills and knowledge of Bluetooth technology to reinvent the way smart homes operate, creating a simple, user-friendly network that delivers everything consumers expect from their newest gadgets. 
Using a patented concept, Yoswit makes Bluetooth controllable outside the home without the need to add a hub. Instead, it allows users to use a spare mobile or tablet at the home as a gateway to accessing their Bluetooth enabled products, giving them full access even when they’re out. In addition, it’s believed the company is the first to announce the use of TI chips to make its mesh, to create a reliable and extensive network.
Colin Ng, Marketing Manager of Yoswit, said, “While technology is advancing many manufacturers still make their products complicated to use for the end user, with the need for an extra router or hub dependency. But to access the benefits of smart homes the processes don’t need to be complex and perplexing to the customer. Our reinvented smart home tech uses Bluetooth to bring the focus back to usability without compromising on features.”  
While the normal understanding of Bluetooth technology is that it’s one-on-one control, this isn’t the case for Yoswit’s products. Each device can be controlled by multiple smartphone devices, giving users more flexibility and freedom to use their smart home features to suit the whole family. It’s often thought that Bluetooth applications also require setup but this isn’t the case for the brand’s offerings. Rather than a pairing procedure, to link together two devices, or a hub, Yoswit users simply need to open their app to take full control of their products. 
Yoswit has utilised its unique technology in two products that are currently seeking investment through crowdfunding platforms to move them from the development phase to production. The first is a smart light switch that aims to replace the traditional light switch and let homeowners control their lighting even when they’re away without the hassle of installing conventional smart switches. The second product is an innovative portable smart home hub that combines a raft of features to allow users to utilise smart home tech in their home and when they’re travelling. 
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