News - 20200125 - InnoCell is projected to open at the end of 2020

The Smart Home and Smart Access Control Projects of InnoCell were awarded to Yoswit in September last year. InnoCell is a smart living and co-creation building for residential and commercial use. It is believed that InnoCell will become the smartest building in Hong Kong and Yoswit is taking part in this meaningful project in order to provide an ultimate smart living experience to the users. InnoCell is projected to open at the end of 2020. 

From Smart Home Automation, such as Smart Lighting Control, Smart Appliances Control, to Smart Access Control, such as the Smart Entrance, Smart Lift Control, all these technologies will be used in InnoCell. InnoCell is located in Hong Kong Science Park and it is a pilot project of using Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) in Hong Kong. It will provide a minimum of 500 bed-spaces. Room types include Standard Studio, Sleepbox, Co-living, and Family Unit (Recreational and shared living/working space integrated with the residential units) with supporting ancillary facilities. It will become a smart living and co-creation community for tech talents after the completion of  project. The 17-story building sits on a 32,000-sq ft site adjacent to the southeast entrance of Hong Kong Science Park. The project will be assembled by 418 modules and providing 5 types of room. Due to the innovation and environmental sustainability in architecture and design, InnoCell has received Rethinking The Future Awards 2020 - Second Award. The project stands out among 1,500+ entries.

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