News - 2016051004 - FormBox brings a vacuum-forming factory to your home

While 3D printing is all well and good, it can be frustrating if you need to make a lot of things, or make them quickly. Do you really want to wait minutes (or hours) for a bowl to finish? Mayku sure doesn't. It's crowdfunding the FormBox, a machine that brings vacuum forming to your tabletop. It takes advantage of your vacuum cleaner to form molds and create objects in seconds, and not just from plastic -- you can use chocolate or concrete if you want. The speed and flexibility turns it into more of a factory than a printer, and opens the door to projects that just aren't practical otherwise. You can make pots for all your plants, for instance, or sell your own 3D artwork.

Getting in on the FormBox action isn't cheap, although it's roughly on par with lower-end 3D printers. It'll take a $349 (£250) pledge to get the device, and more if you want tons of supplies from the start. Most units won't start shipping until May 2017, either, so you'll have to be patient. Look at it this way, though: if you're the sort who'd prefer to make things at home whenever possible, this help your creativity (and possibly save you money) in the long run.

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