News - 2016052703 - Barisieur's coffee-brewing alarm clock might actually happen

When we first spotted the Barisieur coffee-brewing alarm clock back in 2014, it was a pet project for designer Joshua Renouf. The plan was always to turn it into a gadget for the masses, and in the months that have passed since, the overall design and the tech that drives the bedside system were refined for production. To help make waking up to a freshly brewed cup of pour over coffee or loose leaf tea a reality, Renouf and his team are looking to Kickstarter to get them over the hump.

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In terms of overall features, not much has changed in terms of the bells and whistles of the Barisieur, despite the aforementioned refinements. The alarm clock boils water to 94 degrees using an induction hob that heats up a stainless steel base. There's a reusable steel mesh filter too, so you won't have to futz with, and end up wasting, the paper variety. Chilled milk storage is still there as well, keeping the liquid cool through the night. A sealed divider tray stores sugar and and other hot beverage condiments or the coffee and tea itself. Oh yeah, there's a snazzy white option now, too.

Once more, Renouf & Co. are talking up the ritual of prepping the device for the morning brew before heading to bed as a way to tell your body it's time to get some rest. It's kind of like the habit of brushing your teeth and flossing. If the idea of waking up to the smells of a fresh cup are too good to pass up, Kickstarter backers can nab the Barisieur for £265 (around $387) with deeper discounts available to those who act quickly. Unfortunately, the manufacturing process is going to take about a year, so the coffee maker isn't expected to ship until June 2017.

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