News - 2016060601 - Bluetooth 5.0 will get speed 2 Mbit/s at a distance up to 120 meters

By the end of the year Bluetooth 5.0 will get speed 2 Mbit / s at a distance up to 120 meters

As part of the passing today of the conference Bluetooth World group of developers of the standard The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) today announced the final stage of developing a new transport protocol Transport Discovery Service (TDS), which allows different devices in the appropriate conditions to bind to exchange data via Bluetooth, with the ability to turn off more energy-intensive wireless interfaces such as LTE or Wi-Fi as long as there is no demand of high bandwidth.

Due to protocol TDS, Bluetooth can be used as a cost-effective wireless interface for communication of wireless devices and services with support for mesh-networking capacity of up to 2 Mbit / s over longer distances than it is now competing with existing interfaces such as 6LoWPAN standard 802.15.4 and Zigbee .

Currently, the standardizing group SIG plans to develop its own TDS-profiles for different scenarios using this protocol. In addition, before the end of the year SIG plans to announce a new standard specification, including support for bandwidth up to 2 Mbit / s, four times the increased distance of the interface – up to 120 meters thanks to a new frequency modulation, as well as support for mesh-networking to support various Internet components things like lamps, locks, HVAC-systems and sensors.

It is expected that the increase in bandwidth and distance updated Bluetooth will be implemented at the level of the firmware software (firmware) devices. To date, the SIG has not yet made a final decision on whether the year 2016 update will be called Bluetooth 5.0, and it will be a continuation version 4.x.

It is expected that Bluetooth support will be implemented in more than 3 billion devices, and by 2020 their number will increase to 5 billion units, a third of which will make the device class “Internet of Things” this year. According to analysts ABI Research, the share of the Bluetooth-interface devices on the market for “smart home” will rise from the current 8% to over 26% in 2021.

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