News - 2017101701 - How to: Wire a Smart Light Switch

Samsung Smart Things posted an article to tell people that Neutral Wire is a MUST for install smart lighting system. But Yoswit tells you that we don't have such limitation, we can support all types of bulbs including low watt LED bulb. And with DIMMING function! Let's take a look at how they are trying to confuse users. And remember that Yoswit is the ONLY smart switch brand support both with or without neutral wire, at the same time having the highest compatibility!

Below is their original article:

“So you want an automated hardwired light switch, but you’re not sure where to start. Well you’re in the right place. The most common requirement of any hardwired automated light switch is a neutral wire. Yes, there are a few…(read very, very, very few) switches that don’t require a neutral, but those will limit you to incandescent only. For those of us using LED, Fluorescent or some other energy efficient bulbs under 20w a neutral is REQUIRED!

So what does this look like?

This is a diagram of a switch with the neutral run directly to the light. This is not good for automated hardwired light switchs and i would HIGHLY recommend that if you want to automate the light, contact an electrician and have them pull a neutral for you. 

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