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Why Bluetooth?

"Bluetooth has become one of the best methods for connecting smart devices. Internet of Things standards like Zigbee and Z-Wave still have plenty of issues, and WiFi, while popular, draws too much power to be effective for managing several smart devices. Meanwhile, most devices support Bluetooth by this point, and it can also maintain connections without using too much battery life."

Devindra Hardawar
Devindra Hardawar Engadget - Senior Editor

How Does Bluegic Help?

As we have started our study and identified to use Bluetooth as the core technology for smart home solution since 2010 and launched the first Bluetooth smart wall switch in the market since 2012. It’s believed we are the first and leading company to integrate Bluetooth in various smart home products. The main reason for choosing Bluetooth in smart home products because it’s simple, stable and low power consumption. In addition, it’s the dominant player in many IoT products around you like music player, watch, thermometer, remote, anti-lost, etc. If you enjoyed your experience with these Bluetooth products, let’s forget about the complex setup and apply Bluetooth together for your smart home!

  • 2015 - HKEIA Award - Silver Award
  • 2015 - Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015 - Cert. of Merit
  • 2014 - Hong Kong IoT Awards - Silver Award

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